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The program is combination of Air Travel Training experience,. Besides fun, the program designed at Aeroplanet aims at team building and social skill development.

Aeroplanet Services:  The children’s recreation picnic program at the Aeroplanet (India) campus is specially designed for students of all age groups (2-18 years). Each activity offered to students is full of fun and adventure. Young students from all over the country visit Aeroplanet to have a great time. The campus is centrally located at Dwarka (Near Metro station Sector-8 & Sector-9) New Delhi.

The program is combination of Air Travel Safety, etiquette and outdoor & indoor sports recreation activities. Besides fun, the program designed at Aeroplanet aims at team building and social skill development.


Aeroplane Highlights:-

Flight safety demo in the Real Aircraft Explanation of Cockpit by Trained Engineers (On request)
Photograph in the cockpit with Pilot Hat (Optional) Sliding down from the Airbus A-300
Walk in tilted CRJ 200 Jet Aircraft passenger cabin Disaster Management Training : Fire & Smoke Drill with safety measures.

Aeroplanet Program:-

Entry with Airport Music  & Issue of Boarding Pass and Boarding in Airbus A 300 Safety demo for use of oxygen mask, life Jacket and safety belt
Cockpit view from inside and outside &  Full view of the plane from the front gallery Sliding down from aircraft
Artificial Fire and smoke training Snacks and drinks (Served in canteen/Aircraft at reasonable price on request)
Trampoline and Bouncy Games, Rope Trolley Ride, Rope Climbing and Rope Crossing Rope Jumping, Climbing on inclined surface, Walking on balancing bar, Hopper Ball jump
Hoops, Skating Board Indoor Game: Cricket, Basketball, Football,
Music & Dance & Aircraft Based Movies The CRJ-200 Aircraft which was positioned at aero planet in 2011 is being given movement (Rolling and Pitching) to give experience of Air Turbulence and walk on inclined surface.

Aeroplanet Information:-

Timing: 09.00 AM to 09.00 PM (Duration 2 to 2½ hrs Per program) Ticketed passenger only
Smart casual dress at all times/ No hooks in pants / No High Heel shoes Specially designed for school picnic, enclosed Safe & Dust free

Note / Extra’s

  • In house facilities available on extra cost: A. Night stay,  B.  Food: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.
  • Transportation cost extra.